Being a Leader in Today’s Socially Connected World

Four Ways to Use Social Networking to Your Advantage

The top leaders working in the world today are those who know how to use social networking and digital media to their advantage.

You cannot be a leader unless you have people willing to follow you, and people only follow those who make a good first impression.

Unites States Presidential candidate Donald Trump in his early primary election campaign built a huge following of supporters with his social media prowess. A CNN article in October 2015 even asks “Trump: The Social Media President?

So, leaders, think about this: If your Facebook and similar pages feature minimal content and tell the world little about you, you might have some problems getting others to follow you. Transform those pages and gain more followers after learning how to use those sites to your advantage.

Show and Tell

Do you remember playing show and tell when you were a kid? You brought in something you loved, told your classmates about it and showed that item off.

Leaders today must walk a thin line between showing and telling potential customers and followers.

All your social networking pages should feature images of yourself, your company and even the products that you sell. You’ll also want to take the time to give readers some information and outright tell them why they should work with you.

Link and Link Again

One of the best things about social networking sites like Google+ and Instagram is that you can connect all those pages through a series of links.

Using a link to Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Twitter and any other networking sites you use on your Facebook page encourages those looking at the page to visit those sites and learn more about you and your business.

Those links can also increase your web presence and help with searches for your company’s name and products. Adding a few new links may even make your page rank higher on both local and national searches.

Offer More Incentives

No matter what industry you work in, you want to increase sales and get more customers or clients to follow you. One way you can do that is with incentives and bonuses that you offer online.

As the number of people following you grows, you can market yourself as an effective leader and sell products relating to your skills, including email newsletters, electronic books and even online seminars. Online shopping cart software  added to one or more of your websites lets customers order one item or multiple items and pay without visiting a separate site first.

Use a Personal Touch

Social networking sites made it easier than ever to connect with your customers and followers. If you aren’t using a personal touch on those sites, you aren’t using those pages to your full advantage. Even major corporations like Coca-Cola and Nike use those sites to connect with shoppers.

You might respond to comments posted on status updates, send private messages to some of your followers or even tag other users in the posts that you make. This makes your customers and followers believe that you care about their thoughts and opinions.

Great leaders like yourself use social networking sites every day. Offering incentives, adding links, using a personal touch and providing valuable content can increase your number of followers and lead to more profits too.

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