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My name is Louise Wightman and I have worked with individuals in a corporate capacity for over 15 years. I am now dedicating my career to being a Life and Career Coach. My job as a Coach is to help YOU to clarify your goals and objectives, identifying strategies that will effortlessly get you to where you want to be. I studied the Advanced Life Coaching Diploma through Stonebridge College, England, U.K. and would highly recommend this institution.

Leading a Career Change

Career Change

We all have days when we wake and think, ‘I can’t face going to work today!’ You get up, see to the kids, your spouse, the dog, etc… Then its travel into work through traffic and show up to work only to go through the motions.

Is this really how you envisaged your career?

Get a Grip & Get a Plan

Inner VoiceIf you answer no, then your first step is to get a grip and then a get plan.

The fist step is to address your ‘inner voice’ and plan the necessary changes to steer your career path on an alternative course – changes that will bring a new dynamic to your working life.

Next, stop daydreaming. We all need to feel emotionally and psychologically fulfilled in our life; we spend a lot of time in the workplace and with our colleagues.

Some of us just fell into the industry or job we’re currently in; be honest with yourself and consider the following, to determine what you’d really like to do:

  • What transferable skills do you have?
  • What is the likelihood of being employed in another sector?
  • Are your skills up-to-date?
  • How will you come across in an interview?
  • What salary does the desired job attract?

Get Exposure

I have always recommended that as an individual, you need to take the impetus to ‘up-skill’ – go on courses, ask your employer for training, or request a temporary transfer to another department. To be seen as a valuable staff member, you need to be multi-skilled and talented – a bit like a chameleon.

Remember, if you are changing industry sectors where you will be unknown professionally, you will need to have key skills in terms of work performance and success.

Interviewers want to know specifics so they can transfer that information into a value for their business.

Get Inspired

Bored at WorkIf you feel unhappy in your current job but simply don’t know the best way forward – then stay put! Look at what you feel inspired by in the workplace – what makes you feel creative and enthused?

Look at previous appraisal feedback you’ve had from your direct supervisor and ask your self this:

What have been your particular professional successes?

Where did your employer feel you added value to the business?

You also need to look practically at your lifestyle. Some people are happy burning the candle at both ends. But many people have personal commitments to consider and cannot devote their time exclusively to work efforts. Do not embark on a change of circumstances if it is not going to be worthwhile, both emotionally and financially.

We all need to make sacrifices at times in our lives, it’s about knowing what’s important, and what’s not.

Get Help

I would encourage anyone in this situation to seek professional interview guidance.

Sometimes, we’re oblivious to our behaviour, posture, body language, etc.  A professional interview coach will direct your conduct, evoke questions to ask at interview, offer CV guidelines, etc. and draw relevant information from your working background and achievements so that you can present yourself effectively.

If you are planning a change of industry or a side step into a new career, don’t assume you can command the same salary that you now receive. Do your research, contact the HR department of organisations you would like to work for and ask the question, ‘What salary does XYZ job command?’

This research alone may determine if you are able to pursue this path.

Get Real

The most important thing, I feel, from personal experience, is… give it time. Changing career or direction may feel like ten steps backwards to go one step forward.

But if you are pursuing your dream it will be worth it eventually.

We all do a fabulous job – if we genuinely enjoy what we do for a living. Don’t stick with a lousy career. Take a step back, look at the situation realistically and then ask yourself: ‘What am I going to do, today, to improve my situation?’

Louise Wightman is Business Coach at Approach The Coach
She is a Qualified Coach / ILM Trainer and  Business Consultant
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Leaders: Are You Embracing Life?

There is a fine line between patience and procrastination…

Which is it for you?

  • Do you feel life is passing you by or are you ready to embrace life and look at life through a new set of eyes?
  • Are you waiting for someone to see your brilliance within the workplace and give you a promotion?
  • Or for the phone to ring with a job offer?
  • Are you waiting for that lost love to “see the light?”
  • Or another to rescue you?
  • Are you waiting for somebody to take responsibility for the pain they are causing you?
  • How long are you prepared to wait for them to change?
  • Perhaps you are waiting for just the right time to start that diet or take up an exercise regime?
  • Is it when the Moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligned with Mars?
  • Are you wishing away pain and grief?

Sadly, I have some unwelcome news for you if you are sitting, waiting, wishing… There is no magic wand.

Hope and Action

But there is “Magic” in hope and action. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve wasted time willing someone to “rescue” me from the disappointment that life throws at me. I psyched myself out so much that I’ve practically thrown my brain into some 4th dimension; a kind of living hell of unmet expectations and dashed hopes. Wasting years of my life in misery and longing, I waited for my world to change. I allowed my patience to turn to rage and saw my anger morph into pity and despair.

That was until I decided to do something about it.

Embrace Life

I decided to change. I made a decision to “stop the insanity” and begin to count my blessings. I decided to do, think, and act differently so that I could expect different outcomes.

I stopped expecting the world to act for me and I started digging my “escape tunnels” instead. I turned down the despair and turned up the creativity. When I quit waiting for life to deliver, these wonderful things eventually came to me – out of a place of gleaming hope and zero fear I found the courage to study, to take the leap and transfer career – to shout about who I am and what I have achieved. I couldn’t have done a lot of this without my family and friends.

My blood runs cold to think what life would have been like if I hadn’t had bothered to embrace life with hope and determined action. Where would I be if I had left my circumstances to chance? What have I had simply given up?

Call me lucky? Well, perhaps yes!

And the definition of luck? It’s when preparedness meets opportunity.

A Gentle Warning

It is vital to live in the now as you follow your dream. You can’t put life on hold until you drop the dress size, meet your dream date, or take over a large organisation. You have to get it into gear and move toward success by preparing yourself for good things to happen to you. The journey is as important as the desired destination and urgent patience must mean that you enjoy your life in its fullest whilst holding your dream deep in your heart. Press on and embrace life!

How are you doing in understanding whether you are being patient, or simply procrastinating with your life goals, aspirations, and endeavors? What challenges are you facing that are keeping you from releasing your energy, creativity, and passions in your work and home life? Who are you going to for help in the areas in which you are struggling? I would love to hear your thoughts! Please share.

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