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Owner of Pinnacle Leadership Coaching compelling.inspirational.visionary I believe that once a person knows the truth, they will gain passion and grow to excellence. Thus my personal tagline: truth.passion.excellence. I have a passion to develop and grow people into all that they can be using compelling and inspirational talks that create vision in the hearers. Thus my business tagline of: Compelling. Inspirational. Visionary. I believe these two taglines enhance and complement each other, making each one stronger and enforcing it's importance for transformational change.

On Leadership and Overcoming a Crisis

Making Lemonade

Make no mistake about it, there will be moments when a crisis strikes. Life has a way of making sure that plenty of lemons come our way.

And it seem that none of us can escape this truth.

Leaders often have to manage through crisis. This can only be done with good information. Because of a crisis, you may feel like your life has been a waste. But don’t worry… there are plenty of chances to turn those lemons into something good.

Mistakes are Inevitable

In my experience, no one is always happy, excited, or hopeful. We may not always see progress. At times we see things slipping backwards. Sometimes through no fault of our own, yet often through our own mistakes as well. Everyone makes mistakes, the mistake is not the important part, the lesson is.

Here is a key truth to overcoming our mistakes:

Admitting your mistake quickly positions you to extract wisdom from it

That’s right. You learn when you admit your mistakes openly and transparently.

Laugh them off, brush them off, learn the lesson, and move on to your next (even greater) accomplishment!

You see, pain births a willingness to change. No matter what has to change around you, the first thing to change is YOU. Renew your mind to what a crisis is to you.

These steps may help:

Understand that your feelings are created by your focus

What you are focusing on determines how you feel. Here are a few ways to change your feelings:

  • Through focus
  • Through music
  • Through the people around you
  • Through praise

And if you are so inclined…

  • Through worship

Understand that your feelings can change as quickly as they arrived

Did you suddenly get upset at something? Then you are able to suddenly get happy again! It’s all a matter of what you decide to focus on. That will get your joy back.

Nothing is ever as bad as it first appears

What you see as a loss is actually an investment – if you perceive it through new eyes. Bad times can activate great relationships. Think about it, when the bad time hit, your fair weather friends left, didn’t they? But your true friends stuck with you. Your relationship with them is now cemented even better than before. What a wonderful gift to receive! Absolutely priceless in my book.

Quitting does not improve your life

WOW, WOW, WOW! This one hit me strongly the first time I read it. It just never occurred to me that QUITTING HAS NO REWARD. What does quitting give you? Regret, guilt, shame, more fear, less faith. Nope, I don’t want any of those, I’ve had enough of feeling those things. So I have decided today that I’m not quitting. How about you?

Endurance is a bridge

Everyone walks through a wilderness experience. Everyone walks through the rough places. Everyone experiences crisis, even those who seem to “have it all together.” Get real. They don’t. If you could see deeper into their lives, you would see that they don’t have it all together.

Instead, see that your endurance will increase access to someone – a friend, someone to help you, someone to encourage you, someone to help you solve the problem.

Your endurance is a testimony of encouragement to others

Someone is watching your life. Someone is learning from what you are doing. Someone is secretly rooting for you to win. People love to see the underdog win. So if you are feeling like that underdog today, take courage in knowing that when you do win, it will be a heroic and inspirational story! You will encourage others with it! So today, allow encouragement to sink in. You will win if you do not give up.

Always know that I am here to help put things in perspective and to be your friend and encourager!


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Jack Davis
Jack Davis is a John Maxwell Certified Success Coach and Speaker
He serves as Coach, YouthMax Speaker & Board Member Team Xtreme Ministries
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Breaking the Top 4 Leadership Myths

Leadership Myth

In my experiences with how people perceive leadership, I have run across some widely believed myths.

And many of these myths cause misconceptions that need to be broken.

Understanding Roadblocks to Success

When people grow up thinking that leaders are “always this” or “never that,” they can create unnecessary problems for themselves and for others around them. Misconceptions can build until they reach a mythical point in their mind.

And as time goes on, these “false truths” can hold people back from becoming something great.

They can stifle things like:

  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Bottom-line Results

So in order to help people get out of these mindsets, I have debunked some of these myths to help people learn, grow, and develop other leaders.

Breaking the Top 4 Leadership Myths

Myth 1: It’s Lonely At The Top

Truth: If it’s lonely at the top, you’re not doing it right.

What are the attributes of a true leader?

  • Personable – love to be close to people
  • Generate high morale on their team
  • Empower others to come along with them
  • Place great value on others
  • Inspiring
  • Engage those around them
  • Lead by example

Myth 2: Stubborn “Know it All” People Are The Toughest To Lead

Truth: The toughest person to lead is always yourself.
Truth: You must first lead yourself well in order to lead others well.

If you reflect on your leadership of others, you may have been viewed as:

  • Prideful
  • Unrealistic
  • Rigid
  • Autocratic
  • Timid

What created this behavior?
What did you learn from it?

We should be good followers first.

  • No one is an island
  • Everyone follows someone
  • Following the right people keeps us on an even keel
  • Everyone could potentially have a voice in your life
  • Not everyone’s voice is valid for your life. Analyze and dissect
  • Your voice is the most important voice you hear

Myth 3: Leaders Are Born, Not Made

Truth: Leadership is a learned skill set, not a talent given.

Out of over twenty years of listening to leaders speak, none of them stated that they were given the gift of leadership at birth.

All true leaders are humble, knowing that anyone can learn what they learned and do what they do.
Some people are born with the desire to lead, but the still have to learn the skill set. Conversely, many great leaders have stated that they were not born with the desire to lead, but became a leader by learning the skill set.

What is the secret then?

  • Training
  • Application

Myth 4: You Have To Have A Position of Leadership In Order To Lead

Truth: Leadership is influence. Anyone that you influence, you are leading.

Right now… where you are… at this very moment… you lead someone.

  • Children
  • Siblings
  • Parents (yes, it’s true!)
  • Friends
  • Co-workers
  • Church family

Those who lead well where they are grow into those leadership positions with the official title.

  • Leadership is a daily process
  • You never outgrow leadership
  • Leadership has goals, but no final destination
  • Leadership has no days off
  • You must lead well in the small things before you will ever lead well in the bigger things

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader. – John Quincy Adams

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. ~ Napoleon Hill

So, how many of these 4 myths have you bought into in the past? How has this impacted your effectiveness with those you work with or lead? And how many of these myths have you broken through to better increase your personal leadership effectiveness? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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Jack Davis
Jack Davis is a John Maxwell Certified Success Coach and Speaker
He serves as Coach, YouthMax Speaker & Board Member Team Xtreme Ministries
Email | LinkedIn | Twitter | Web

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